Rachel Dobbs

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Rachel Dobbs is one half of LOW PROFILE (alongside Hannah Jones). LOW PROFILE’s concerns are commonplace – centered on people, relationships, communication and an examination of the role of community, individuals and the collective.

Their work explores themes of everyday survival, through a misguided and idiosyncratic attempt to navigate the excesses, challenges and ‘small-scale’ trials of daily life. They actively celebrate ‘best attempts’, endeavour and effort, with a wilful determination to never give up. They deal with the nuances of cooperation, coordination, shared effort and participation that reposition the individual to be part of something bigger, alongside (and with) others.

LOW PROFILE’s work often references recognisable tropes and makes use of existing texts from popular culture, with a desire to reclaim and reconsider that which may otherwise be considered outmoded or overlooked.

At its heart, their practice is performative, quietly political and interested in the potential of paying attention as a transformative action.


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