About Us


Video Social Club is a peripatetic artist video screening night, held in social clubs across Plymouth. This is an artist-led project developed by Rachel Dobbs, Steven Paige and Beth Emily Richards.

The events are held in social clubs, and as a licensed premises there is also an emphasis on the social aspect of each event.

Beth Emily Richards

Beth Emily Richards is an artist whose work explores notions of the performer, macho and the absurd through her performative practice. Her work addresses the veracity of the archive, particularly the role of lens-based media and documentation in live artworks.

Richards utilises photographs, text, events and actions, performances to camera, sound works and props to subvert personal, sited and fictive histories. Strategies of ‘failure’ and changes of scale are often employed to disrupt expectations and hegemonies in a playful way.  She employs re-enactment to interrogate concepts of authenticity, and to play with the malleability of meaning created by images, artworks and narratives.


SEE MORE: http://www.bethemilyrichards.com

Rachel Dobbs

Rachel Dobbs is one half of LOW PROFILE (alongside Hannah Jones). LOW PROFILE’s concerns are commonplace – centered on people, relationships, communication and an examination of the role of community, individuals and the collective.

Their work explores themes of everyday survival, through a misguided and idiosyncratic attempt to navigate the excesses, challenges and ‘small-scale’ trials of daily life. They actively celebrate ‘best attempts’, endeavour and effort, with a wilful determination to never give up. They deal with the nuances of cooperation, coordination, shared effort and participation that reposition the individual to be part of something bigger, alongside (and with) others.

LOW PROFILE’s work often references recognisable tropes and makes use of existing texts from popular culture, with a desire to reclaim and reconsider that which may otherwise be considered outmoded or overlooked.

At its heart, their practice is performative, quietly political and interested in the potential of paying attention as a transformative action.


SEE MORE: http://we-are-low-profile.com

Steven Paige

Steven Paige’s art practice is a process of retrieval, composition and editing using material that has potential or possible instructive meaning. It interrogates the inter mix of culture found online and amongst collections and archives, and where the physical body is located in understanding and learning through these historic records.

Inhabiting a performative role of archivist and witness, artwork is made testing the tension between these roles as they breakdown and reform through the spectator, sometimes with poignant and humorous effect realised across performance, video, installation and photography.

SEE MORE: http://www.stevenpaige.com